Guide [YOSE] How to start Breakdown with a custom party


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Jan 9, 2018
If only the old forums were still accessible, especially for some of the really good modding guides, like this one 😢

Good thing I still remember how to do this as I edit the file often, to play things differently.
The original thread, on the old forums, was created by a member called ilovethisgame. I've added a few other things over time.

I don't do hand-holding so, this guide assumes you know the basics already - how to locate and unpack the .PAK files, how to use Notepad++ and how to convert an xml to bmd (see link).

The file you will need to edit is rtsevents.
A file you may want to reference for NPC ID's is characters.xml

Any level other than 1:

Within Notepad++ go to line #121
Add to actor index number at the bottom for more people. Join Enclave, Add Trust (0-100), etc. Start character is always the last one.

If you want a specific NPC to spawn then remove all flags in ActorTraits (except the one on the first line, as that is Lily).
Open up characters.xml and search for the NPC's you want to specifically spawn.
If you only want people with particular traits or hobbies to spawn remove anything under ActorName (if a name is already there) and specify the talent or hobby at ActorTraits. You can have more than one.
If you don't want NPC's with certain traits, hobbies or personalities to spawn then put an exclamation mark in front of it - eg. !Trait.Hobby.Gardening

Example 1: If you want Sasquatch to be part of your starter group pick a Character line and, at ActorName input his name like this: 154 HERO Sgt Kelly Eldridge
Example 2:
If you want to spawn any random NPC with the Powerhouse trait, clear any specific name under Actor Trait, and input Trait.Talent.Strong at ActorTraits.

Edit: Commenting out the green line causes issues with loading the RV. Thanks to QMJS for solving that issue for me :)

At Line #121
<Enclave ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="Enclave.Home_Sandbox" EnclaveStat="" HideWarnings="" Optional="" />
<HomeSite ActorName="" HideWarnings="" Optional="" Type="RV" />
<Character ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="" ActorTask="" ActorTraits="Trait.Story.Command" FunctionTags="" HideWarnings="" Optional="" TargetEnclave="" />
<Character ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="154 HERO Sgt Kelly Eldridge" ActorTask="" ActorTraits="" FunctionTags="Male, Npc" HideWarnings="" Optional="" TargetEnclave="" />
<Character ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="" ActorTask="" ActorTraits="!Trait.Meta.Story, !Trait.Status.NotPlayable, !Trait.Behavior.NeverPlayable, !Trait.Hobby.Gardening" FunctionTags="Female, Npc" HideWarnings="" Optional="" TargetEnclave="" />
<Character ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="" ActorTask="" ActorTraits="!Trait.Meta.Story, !Trait.Status.NotPlayable, !Trait.Behavior.NeverPlayable" FunctionTags="Npc" HideWarnings="" Optional="" TargetEnclave="" />
<Character ActorFlags="FindOrSpawn" ActorName="" ActorTask="" ActorTraits="!Trait.Meta.Story, !Trait.Status.NotPlayable, !Trait.Behavior.NeverPlayable, Trait.Talent.Strong" FunctionTags="Npc" HideWarnings="" Optional="" TargetEnclave="" />
<Alts />
<Effects />
<Inputs />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="false" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Game.RTS.HideHome" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<ExecuteAction ActionId="InitConsts" />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="true" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Game.Sandbox" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<RTSStat_Set DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="8" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Game.StartTimeOfDay" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="false" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Game.NoSave" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<Actor_JoinEnclave ActorIndex="2" EnclaveIndex="0" />
<Actor_JoinEnclave ActorIndex="3" EnclaveIndex="0" />
<Actor_JoinEnclave ActorIndex="4" EnclaveIndex="0" />
<Actor_JoinEnclave ActorIndex="5" EnclaveIndex="0" />
<Enclave_ClaimSite EnclaveIndex="0" SiteIndex="1" />
<Actor_AddToFamily ActorIndex="3" />
<Actor_AddTrust ActorIndex="4" DisableBonus="false" Trust="0" />
<Actor_AddTrust ActorIndex="5" DisableBonus="false" Trust="0" />
<Actor_AddToFamily ActorIndex="6" />
<Actor_SetAsPlayer ActorIndex="6" />
<EventTrigger Event="SandboxEvent_GiveStarterInventory" />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="false" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Sandbox.Drifter.HomeSiteClaimed" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="true" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Sandbox.Scenario.NewAdvanced" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="true" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Sandbox.Drifter.Mission_Survive_Complete" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<ChangeState ActorIndex="0" Silent="false" State="Sandbox_BustedRV_Initialize" />

Fun Fact 1: Within characters.xml if you remove Trait.Story.Command from Lily and give it to someone else, Maya for example, then Maya will be radio girl, and Lily ends up in the random spawn pool. Still immortal, though, unless you give that trait to your new radio person :)
Fun Fact 2: If you change Lily's Voicetype from LIL to HRF (in both instances of her character block) she will become a useful member of your group. She likes to be a runner, or arm her with a .50cal rifle, instead of her default pea shooter, and she loves the tower more than her radio :)

Next I'll explain how to start at Level 1 with a custom group. Yes, group. As well as a specific single person.
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Dec 31, 2018
So usefull, thx. I never know that lily is immortal😂 maybe she is god that help human😂


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Jan 22, 2018
Next I'll explain how to start at Level 1 with a custom group. Yes, group. As well as a specific single person.
I'm actually very need this. By the way, the funny thing sounds very funny , I'll try them. Happy new year.


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Jan 9, 2018
Not sure if it was from extensive editing of rtsevents, or another file such as missions.xml, but in my latest editings of "starting BD with a custom group" I wonder if there's a limit on how many people you can start out with?
I had 9. (Lily plus 8). It was all going fine, although for some reason the last person would start as a non-friend, despite me having Trust set at 100 for everyone. Not really a problem, as I have a way to quickly make them a friend.
But, the big issue was: Once it's time to leave on the RV I can only take 1 person. It won't let me select anyone else.
I've dropped it down to 7 at the moment, but haven't even found the RV yet to test it out.

Has anyone else tried what I posted in the first post? Have you had any issues or weird things happen?
The original thread, on the old forum, had about 10 or so pages of others with issues, questions, suggestions, etc, but I don't remember if anyone ever had that problem of too many people

Edited the OP to mention about that. The line in bolded green under the spoiler tag shouldn't be altered, let alone commented out 😑
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