Question YOSE: editing outpost resource yield in Lifeline


Missing Survivor
Oct 12, 2018
Hi all,

Just reinstalled YOSE and decided to give Lifeline a try. I'm trying to edit the resource rewards for outpost, in order to secure a minor but steady supply, so I can just casually enjoy Lifeline. I've been going through the files, but I can't remember, which file to look for.

Can anyone help a fellow survivor out?


Zed Hunter
Jan 9, 2018
Eastern USA
For Lifeline, it is Game\beltway\game\libs\class3.2\rts when extracted, and needs to be compiled, with the bmd file placed in Game\libs\class3.2\rts.

However, there is no value that you will find there to change. The resource generation by outposts in handled by the exe file.

But, you can add additional resources as such:

Locate the outpost type under <Facility FacilityFlags="Indoor, BuiltInOnly, NoStaff" FacilityId="Facility.Outpost"

Add this action:
<Action ActionFlags="Automatic, Repeats" ActionId="DailyBonus" ActionType="Bonus.Background" ExecuteTimeStandard="1h" OutputDelayTime="0.0" PauseWhenOffline="" WantDelay="1h" WantDelayEnd="15m" WantDelayStart="2m" WantOdds="0" WantScene="activity_NewOpp_Want_Gdn">
<DescriptionText Flags="Do Not Localize" Notes="" Text="Provides a small amount of resources daily." />
<RTSActionIcon Name="Ammo" Id="1" />
<NameText Flags="Do Not Localize" Notes="" Text="" />
<Actors />
<Alts />
<Effects />
<Inputs />
<RTSStat_Add DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="0.5" OutputDuration="" OutputId="Stockpile.Ammo" PauseWhenOffline="" />
<Wants />

Adjust the Output amount and type for each outpost type as needed.

Edit: You can also change the RTSAction icon values to make it show up properly. Those are sort of a pain to identify, so here are the values:
<RTSActionIcon Name="Ammo" Id="1" />
<RTSActionIcon Name="Food" Id="37" />
<RTSActionIcon Name="Fuel" Id="39" />
<RTSActionIcon Name="Medicine" Id="49" />
<RTSActionIcon Name="Materials" Id="48" />
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