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Zed Hunter
Jan 10, 2018
Nephrologist: So, any quesstions?

Me: Yeah. Given everything that's going on . . . how, exactly, do I sanitize the bottle of hand sanitizer?

Nephrologist: blink: . . . :blink: . . . :blink: . . .

Me: Oh no, I think I broke him.
With fire, of course.


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Jan 9, 2018
I didn't wanna make a new thread for this, but I am eternally grateful for this community.

I've had the pleasure of knowing y'all for almost SEVEN years, and this community has impacted me in ways I never thought possible. When things in my personal life were turbulent I knew I could always come to the forums and hang out with people who enjoyed the same zombie game as me.

Thank you Swiss for setting up this forum, I thought I was going to lose contact with a LOT of you guys when the UL forums were getting shut down.

This isn't a goodbye post or anything like that, I'm just thankful for y'all!


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Jan 29, 2018
Minnesota, USA
Hey y'all!

Where have I been? Keeping to myself and staying out of trouble from here. But most importantly. Strabismus Eye Muscle Surgery on Monday October 5th. Boy was it a day. I hope it turns out well as I am still in recovery and don't worry. I'll be sure to take care of myself and take it easy from the technology!

Before the surgery. I had to do a H&P, check my thin blood to ensure I would be okay(Not really important for this operation.), and get tested for COVID-19(Thanks Don El Trumpo!)

Sunday: I was to clean my room, clear some dust, and change my sheets and pillow cases for a cleansed room to sleep and rest in. Not much really happened in the month of September except for preparing, waiting, important phone calls, and check-ups. I had to take a shower the night before and morning of the surgery. I also asked my mom to bring me Queso Fries from her job. (Fries with Bacon, shredded steak, and sour cream.) since I couldn't eat in the morning.

Monday: Woke up at around 4:15 and got some water before 5:45 because that was the deadline for me to drink before the surgery. Woke up at around 6:56 and got up to take a shower. Got dressed, and headed out towards the city of Saint Paul(Near Minneapolis MN.) We left at around 7:40AM. During the drive we were listening to the radio and this woman had an online affair with another man. She had feelings for him and gave him $50K and poof he ghosted her. Her husband forgave her cause it took him a year and a half to make $50K... Don't know why but you can think about that as you will.

We got there just on time at 8:20. I had to wait in the lobby for a good twenty or thirty minutes until they called me in to start. A nurse led me into a room where I was to change and get situated on the hospital bed. I had to change into the hospital gown they gave me and some sort of socks to keep. Not too bad, lol. I saw at least 6-7 nurses and doctors during my procedure at different times of my visit. They asked me if I had any form of issues which I had none since I was healthy. Had a little joke as to which eye they would do my procedure with. The surgeon wrote yes with a purple marker near my eyebrow.

The room was small but spacious enough for a few people. Facing towards the door there was a mirror on the wall in front of me to the left(11oC). A chair to my left where my mom was sitting(7-8oC). A Computer to my right for when the doctors and nurses would use or speak to me(3-4oC). I was sitting in the chair in the back center where I was able to see everything around me(6oC). The door was in the wall in front of me but to the right. (1oC) (oC = o'clock)

My mom has a thing where she would get lightheaded with primarily me because I was her first child and had several cases where I would accidentally hurt myself or something else would involve me being injured. She was a little light-headed when she saw me in the hospital bed, though only when I had some form of pain such as sticking an IV onto my right hand. But she was better afterwards. They gave me a shot of relaxation through the IV and some Tylenol and something else.

After checking with everything it was all a go for my 9:50 surgery procedure. They strolled me through the corridors to the Operation Room and I was greeted with three nurses who were to help me get started with my procedure. They changed the bed to have me lie down facing the celling. I think they pricked me with something else on my right hand though I didn't know what it was.
Pricked my right hand
Breathing in

Nurse: "Sorry about that!"
Me: "Ts'all good."
They gave me a mask or some plastic tube for my mouth to breath in. I was like: "Ooh, what's this?" Looking around with me eyes POOF I'm out

I am slowly waking up an hour or two later in a general room that is very open. Note that I am in and out of it. I have some memory of what happened but I was likely awake but unconscious from time to time. Nurse saw me awake and asked me how I was doing - or something like that. I blink and I am in the room where I had started. I now had a band-aid cast on my right hand because of the IV. My mom told me she was holding my left hand but I showed no sign of conscious until it hit me. I gained my awareness and saw that a nurse would help me get situated and out of the gown. I got into my regular civilian clothes and got my belongings. I had some strength but not to keep me up on my feet for a good while. I was put on a wheelchair and was guided by a nurse to the pick-up. My mom was guided by another nurse to an exit for where she would be able to pick up her car from the parking garage.

My mom arrived and I was put into the car without much trouble. We left at around 1:00, It was bright out so I used my hoodie to block the sunlight and I was a bit in and out of the car ride. Not much was said. We arrived home and I was helped by my mom as I leaned on her for assistance. Got to my room and I was plopped in bed and ready to sleep. It was about 3:00 when I had to use the restroom and boy oh boy did I have a fucking meltdown. I was seeing double, not double vision. DOUBLE. I looked at the Virgin Mary painting I had on my wall - 9 o'clock. I was seeing two of them instead of one and I was upset thinking that I would regret having the surgery. I spoke too soon for myself as I had to wait instead of cry.

I had enough and went back to sleep. It was 5:00 and my mom brought some cough drops as my throat was dry from likely breathing the anesthesia or whatever. She made some chicken soup with Carrots, tomatoes, onions, chicken legs, and lumps of rice. At around this time my eyes started to get better and situated. I slowly can open it over time but it hurts when I move it too much. My sight is alright for when I am seeing something up close but double from a distance.

I can't go outside for the week so that means: "No pools, no grass-cutting, no raking the leaves, no milking the cows, whatever." -Dr. M.
I have a check-up next Wednesday to see how things are going and hopefully my recovery goes well!.

I have to take an eye cream that seeps through the bottom of my eye. Tylenol, Celecoxib/Celebrex for the pain. I can shower though keep away from the face.

Sorry if this is all over the place. Just wanted to write down what I remember and what I can. I am just using my right eye for now to read what I type. Thank you for reading! :)

Oh, Why did I get this surgery? My right eye is more dominant than my left and I felt it would be too uncomfortable for others who are speaking to me and or when I am reading/concentrating on something. My left eye would move on it's own moving outward or a bit inward. I use them both for when I am walking around, looking at stuff or when riding in a car. My right is just better for reading and seeing things from a distance. So, yeah.
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Jan 31, 2018
Great Democratic People's Republic of Illinois
Okay, I really need to stop going out. After learning from the doctor that I probably need orthotics to prevent any more stress fractures in my foot because of my daily marathon walking sessions, I allowed how I didn't want to tell my girlfriend that and give her the satisfaction. His response? Just don't tell her.

So, yeah, life lesson for the day: the secret to a successful relationship is . . . lying to your partner.