What's Happening in Your World?


Zed Hunter
Jan 10, 2018
Nephrologist: So, any quesstions?

Me: Yeah. Given everything that's going on . . . how, exactly, do I sanitize the bottle of hand sanitizer?

Nephrologist: blink: . . . :blink: . . . :blink: . . .

Me: Oh no, I think I broke him.
With fire, of course.


Alamo Rookie
Jan 9, 2018
I didn't wanna make a new thread for this, but I am eternally grateful for this community.

I've had the pleasure of knowing y'all for almost SEVEN years, and this community has impacted me in ways I never thought possible. When things in my personal life were turbulent I knew I could always come to the forums and hang out with people who enjoyed the same zombie game as me.

Thank you Swiss for setting up this forum, I thought I was going to lose contact with a LOT of you guys when the UL forums were getting shut down.

This isn't a goodbye post or anything like that, I'm just thankful for y'all!