What to build and not to build

Jan 13, 2018
I never wasted ammo on extending the watchtower range and this has never been an issue for me at any of the bases in SOD2, even in the starter homes.
Because SOD1's zed spawning system is more logical and less WoodyJohnson than SOD2 where it spawn every 30s even in very tiny 1mm zone.
Feb 7, 2018
Because people seem to have already romanticized SoD1 and are willing to overlook it's faults, repetative replay issues, etc, yet are happy to bash SoD2 for the same things.
Well, here's the thing.

I've been putting up with problems with SOD YOSE, universal concerns with spawning such as the fact that closing car doors would make zombies spawn on a whim. We now have a game that doesn't do that. Now I can clear an area and go to work. I come back on my game and that building is still clear.

This is a pretty neat improvement on spawning. Zombie pop ins are not a new issue (while still VERY annoying) to me because...
...because I played the first state of decay. It's still not perfect and has issues, but it is miles easier to wrap your head around than the first game's spawning system. At least this time when zed come it's because I broke something while looting and that was a risk made very clear to the player that it was their choice to take.

I don't intend to sound condescending, but if we are going to give the developers feedback for stuff to improve on, it might as well be precise and not non-specific general statements about how something is more logical and the updated version is bad because it's bad.

The fact that the first game is no longer the newest entry to us doesn't absolve it of it's flaws. We should be critical of stuff that the developers can actually use our feedback to fix. For example, half of the zombies are revolutionary zed after the first update (this is immersion breaking regardless) and now 95% of my periodical traders are all fireworks dealers and don't give me supplies I can actually use. This makes bases without trade hubs that much harder to manage because resource traders now come by so little.

I also haven't seen a single RT or Network trader since that update.
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Jan 21, 2018
Fresno, California
When you first starting off what do you build first? Does anyone go differently with the suggested builds at the start?
No, I see a lot of value in having an infirmary and a workshop so I usually go with that. I'm a big fan of supressors and molotovs. Plus, my survivors get hurt...a lot. Rash of concussions lately. Haha. Anyway, That third slot is always a tricky one. Once cleared, I've been going with the rain collector just for shits and giggles. Keeps my peeps happy.


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Jan 10, 2018
Always a workshop and infirmary. The other is optional. Usually a shooting range or training gym. Sometimes a garden.


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Jan 10, 2018
First thing for me is always staging area then workshop, infirmary, hydroponics. After that it depends on what type of leader I have, if Warlord I build the armory, anyone else I build a fighting gym and kitchen, then work on upgrades.