Trumbull Valley map upgrades


Missing Survivor
Nov 2, 2020
So years ago, I would edit DeadMaxx's State of Decay 1 map in MS Paint. Well after looking at how I did it before, I decided to just start all over to make what I feel would be the definitive way to have Trumbull Valley be because I feel like somethings don't make sense such as how there is only one school, or how tiny the grocery store is or how there is only one type of Fast food joint and the amount of that one there is. Etc.

I know that this stuff was either done for balance and/or to not cause bugs and whatnot like the school did but I feel like with the modding community and how we have Sod on the PC. Something like this can be possible in the actual game.

This is obviously far from being compelete. this is just what I have done so far.