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Jul 21, 2018
Hello there,

wanted to share my xp with people playing the game as real men do (kiddin ;p), without a base. Cannot find anything or i use the wrong keywords. Even on youtube nearly nothing except one guy.
So, at least Im gonna leave my legacy here.
If someone likes the game actually but is bored because of the current incomplete state (difficulty, or a story bewlow detection level) i recomend to give it a try. Dont worry, its not that you would play a game by “my rules“, its more as if the game finally gets a structure and becomes a game and you can find your own style and add rules or not. If you enjoyed the moments when you started a new SOD1 breakdown game in the nowhere, then this could be yours. i loved that immersion. And, yes the game gets more difficult but thats not the point. The already existing well-thought out mechanics get a reason for existence. Moral system with consequences, looting feels like trasure search, choices not for perfection in micromanagement but for surviving, and so on.. I played with 2 characters once (third died) and it was like a zombie road movie with intense moments, Tried with 10 and it became pure surivial challenge and i had to kick out 4 survivors, everything counts, anoying habits of members, moral points, injuries, luck of looting, and so on. You already know all this, but without the base, things become serious and the game fun.
(Of course i hope for update or nice dlc.SOD1 was also very vanilla once)
Anyway, without base there will be No FDA approved High tech flatrate instant cure medical station everything and propably even cancer, and no bitchy survivors bottling whiskey, watching the shy juggernaut mascot hanging around the base all the time in this wellness apocalypse.
Its a signifficant difference if i race over the map looking for a hospital and hope to find the rare first aid kid for my badly hurted surivor (1 of 2), or as in current game:
race against timers as packhorse, providing backpacks for other enclaves and race against a countdown.
“Another Day survived“ In the lounge.

If somewanne wanna try, here some notes for a better start to “the prequel game“:

-command centre (CC) is the base
-storage for resources, 15 each, max
-very few reasons to go to CC (new recruit, personal moral?)
-restock with backpacks not possible
-CC can have up to 6 outposts for:
-Food (essential)
-Beds (not essential, but very helpful, depends on
-Medicals, Material (unnessessary, no consumption, but Moral problem if zero)
-rare important loot: Plague Cure Vials and First Aid Kit.
-further note:
Playing together with npc survivor is helpful for looting space, but
high chance of Plague infection for him or get poisend by bloater if you dont protect each other all the time like spec ops
Rethinking is useful:
-switching maps possible anytime for targeted search(like: enclaves with docs, libary, hospital..), counters of command centers will continue to ran at new map (means: 30min preperation for Spy drone can be ready to use immideately after map switch (not always time there to climb all the ubisoft towers)
-switch outposts anytime, gypsy style, no backback to bring to a base, break backbacks or sell or be packhorse for missions, depends
-switch between people in outposts
-missions which require to talk to a survivor to trigger the missionstart, are also possible to start in outposts (double switch survivor and talk to them)
-selling all the crafting stuff and backpacks brings a lot of influence to buy heavy weapons from traders, Its easier to get the weapons by deinstalling independence pack(serious traders will return, better atmosphere will return)
-very usefull skills: fishing, computer and skills for use “at the front“
-usefull trait: “outdoor" (+2beds) and many more
To put in practice:
The game forces me to get a base at the first map because of a tutorial script. I use that as a preperation for the real game starting at Map 2. For a good start:
Food, Medical, Material: 15 each, Fuel:0
Anti plague vial and first aid kit i keep it for later if i find on first Map.
keep generators for later missions if you want ecc..
Sometimes i cheat even and build a medical station on map 1 in that unwanted base, to heal a bad hurt survivor before i start my game on Map 2. Later its about surviving healthy and forward thinking which outposts you choose:
Only Food and no beds? Or restock meds and material for 2 days and swicth back to food? The Idiots survivors dont consume meds and material, but as you know they sometimes waste 1 by accident. Thats why i use Map 1 to fill it up to the max. One Day storage will be empty and another Moral Penalty starts. Same if you dont provide beds. These are only examples. Its very different depending on what survivors you have and how many, and your attention level when fighting zeds. ive had 5 communities so far, still learning, but every run was great and intense. right now i play with 4 fishers :p 1 computer, 1 sewing.

Maybe i overlooked something in a mechanic, thats why wanted to ask how other people do. But until now, its feels fantastic balanced. Periods where the community feels quite safe and after some wrong choices or bad luck, trouble can start.
But even if i would lose the game. At least this nice day counter “Day X survived“ finally has a meaning.


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Jan 10, 2018
10 Survivors now,
Food is safe
Moral management is still a challenge
Where you playing with ten people? I mean which base. *Disregard this whole thing. Curse mobile. I thought this whole thread was your last comment. Turns out there's more.*


Missing Survivor
Jul 21, 2018
yea im sure you would like it. I wondered why nobody tries but now i saw there are ppl on Reddit who did the same. its not an extreme-mode but can become challenging. Little fun fact: sometimes NPC talks to me and tries to start the mission »look for a base« and if you choose to say “no“, the game accepts the decision. (at least for current map)
But Sadly it only reveals again how easy this game is atm. Not even crafting is nessessary.
Well, butthe highest Moral my survivors ever had was only “stable“. But thats alright and realsistic for a special situation like a zed apocalypse i think. : ]



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Jun 4, 2018
Cascade hills
yea im sure you would like it. I wondered why nobody tries but now i saw there are ppl on Reddit who did the same. its not an extreme-mode but can become challenging.
I've done this long time before. The only different is i move in the first home base, search the new map and instantly move, becasue i don't like there's no mission pop up to do.

With 2 fishing one outdoor living, plus the ally given me booze/med supply, zero cost follower and morale bonus, even without homebase everything is fine. Other resources are came from outpost, and you can enjoy siege free peace of mind.

Just feel bore after 20+ days and move to another idea.

I think most of the player here are so experienced that they(we) have try a lot of ways to challenge/enjoy themselves, so, no need to wonder or challenge the "old boys" here why they don't do the same...they are just quiet and not interested to tell. (I also choose keep quiet when you drop your first post) this kind of thread doesn't work here, my experience and feeling.

ps1) I'm not they guy you said in reddit.

ps2) I also already found a way to live forever in lonewolf solo, and i'm broadcasting it everyday in mixer, so please don't wonder why nobody try this too later

Anyway, enjoy the game and keep update your XP. greetings