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Mar 9, 2018
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State of Decay 2: Zed's and Freaks Guide
Written by:e5futter
Pictures by: @QuarantineRoad

State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game where the player must scavenge for resources, build a base and community, and defending that base from threats. Undead Labs managed to add human enemies to the game, but there is no doubt that the main enemy will always be the zombies and freaks. This guide will explain the different types of zombies, their threat level, attacks, and easiest ways to kill them. If there is anything I have missed, do not hesitate to post below and I will add your quote to the guide like in the old days of the UL Forum. Enjoy!

Zeds, deadheads, zombies, creeps, walkers. There are plenty of names to call the undead of State of Decay. Zeds are the primary enemies to encounter in the world and are less lethal than their original SoD counterparts with their attacks being much weaker. Them being weaker in damage output has been balanced as they are a little bit more durable than their Trumbull Valley Cointerparts meaning you can now chop of their legs and they will still crawl after the player instead of just lying there and eventually dying. There are three types of Zeds. Shamblers, Runners, and Crawlers.

Blood Plague Zombies

Blood Plague zombies are a mutated and deadlier version of the regular zeds. They are defined by their crimson skin, exploding pustules, and glowing red eyes. Blood Plague zombies are a much larger threat than regular Zed's in that they can infect survivors with the plague. Survivors that become fully infected have three hours to cure themselves or else they will turn into a Plague Zombie. Plague zombies will be extremely thick around Plague Hearts and are very dangerous in large numbers as it only takes three bites and four swipes to fully infect. (Note: infection rates vary as some survivors will have resistance to the Blood Plague)

Threat Level (Normal Zed)
: :zombie_cool:--:zombie_cool::zombie_cool:
Threat Level (Blood Plague): :zombie_cool::zombie_cool:--:zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool:
Swipe: standard claw swipe, does very little damage
Backhand Swipe: standard claw swipe, does very little damage, can be done with either arm.
Double Swipe: A slow, two hit combo. Does little damage.
Grab Attack: A lethargic grab attack that the player will have to break free of. Does little to high damage if not broken free.

How to Kill
Honestly just use your imagination. Use melee weapons, defense weapons (ie: knives, screwdrivers) explosives, cars. As long as you remove or destroy the head, the zed will die (with the exception of .50 caliber rifles) . WARNING: using fire is a gamble as the zeds will spread the fire to other zeds and survivors, possible injuries can occur.

Threat Level (Normal Zed): :zombie_cool::zombie_cool:---:zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool:
Threat Level (Blood Plague)::zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool:---:zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool::zombie_cool:

Swipe: Normal swipe attack that does little damage
Backhand Swipe: Swipe attack that can be done with either arm, does little damage.
Overhead Swipe: a quick claw swipe that does little damage.
Running Double Swipe
: a quick double swipe attack that does some damage.
Tackle: The Runner will tackle the survivor down to the ground if they aren't facing the zed. Stuns player for a couple of seconds.

How to Kill
Honestly just use your imagination. Use melee weapons, defense weapons (ie: knives, screwdrivers) explosives, cars. As long as you remove or destroy the head, the zed will die (again, with the exception of .50 caliber rifles). WARNING: using fire is a gamble, as the zeds will spread the fire to other zeds and survivors, possible injuries can occur. Runners will charge the player at a faster pace.

Additional notes about Shamblers and Runners: unlike Sod1, a zed can go from shambler to runner and vice versa. It is very random when it happens, a shambler could come at you slowly from a distance then turn runner when getting close enough.

Threat Level: :zombie_cool:

Swipe: A slow swipe that's more of an annoyance than anything
How to Kill
It's best to just use melee weapons as they are a waste of ammo. If you take away their arms they become harmless.

Additional notes about Crawlers: if they have both of their arms, they can lift themselves up a bit and perform a very fast and creepy crawl after you.

Additional notes about Blood Plague zombie attacks: Blood Plague zombie swipes will reduce the time needed before turning by four minutes, bites reduce time by thirty minutes!!

Uncommon Armored Zed.

The Armored Zed makes a return to State of Decay 2 with quite a few changes. There is no difference between the Army and SWAT zed other than appearance. They can both be shamblers, runners, and crawlers (if you take their legs off). The main difference from the previous State of Decay is that their helmets can be shot or hit off. They are a rarer spawn but Army Zed's will spawn more frequently at military outposts/locations while Swat zeds have a higher chance of spawn at police stations and some checkpoints.

How to kill
Using firearms is a waste of ammo as it takes a few shots to take the helmet off. Armored Zed's are also immune to fire. The only easier way to take them out is to knock them down and execute with melee weapons. If you have a maxed out swordplay or close combat you can just instant execute them. You can also use explosives or run them over with a vehicle.

Addition Armored Zed note for Daybreak DLC: It seems that the Armored zeds will do more damage to barricades than normal zeds. So take them out first!

Additional note on killing all regular Zed's including armored zed: any .50 caliber (or Cleo heavy rifle, if you have Daybreak) will kill a zed when you shoot them in the chest.
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