State of Decay - Lore


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Jan 29, 2018
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Mt. Tanner
Location: North East of Spencer's Mill, about a mile or two away.
Points of Interests:
-Ranger Station Homesite, includes infirmary and extra stock for supplies.
-5 Camp sites
-1 Public Restroom
-6 Cabins
-1 Shed
-1 Norma Truck(blue)
Possible loots:
-Backpacks in possibly a cabin but you'll most likely find them in campsites.
Guns(revolver and or shotgun) in both sheds and campsites
Molotovs in Shed or Restroom
Snacks, painkillers, and aspirin everywhere else in Mt. Tanner
Threat Level: Easy to Medium in both Breakdown and Vanilla. (Bring weapons for Lily's Mission, trust me, you don't want to go up there...)
Interesting facts:
-You could accidentally trigger a huge wave of zeds by using the back entrance towards the cabins and they'd start running around the parking lot towards you.
-There are no resources to find, it is all just lootable items for your inventory.
-The iconic bridge is broken and can be used as a ramp to get across from one side to another.
-The Ranger station is only a potential homesite for Vanilla until you move in with Lily's group at the church. Also in Breakdown in level 1 Lily hangs around there and if you didn't choose a group to join and leave and then come back, you automatically spawn up in Mt Tanner with her.
Vanilla Story[To be edited]
Note: I will bold important parts to help scan through much more easily, please tell me some great feedback!
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