State of Decay 2's (Zombieland's) Rule #32

Mar 15, 2018
Dorset, UK
There's not enough of it, but I really appreciate the environmental storytelling one can stumble across. Stuff like shell casings at the peak of cell towers or evidence that people had lived on rooftops.
I agree, there are little locations that do tell (or hint at) the untold struggles of survival. It's a shame some of the best are off the beaten path.

The most poignant I have found is near Mike's Concrete on the Drucker county map. Tucked away behind a boulder a little off the junction is small grave with a teddy bear next to it.

I'll try and grab a screenshot next time I'm on the map.


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Jul 6, 2018
Minnesota, USA
I really, really, like that fact we don't have to pay a follower to come with us anymore. And, they are half way decent at combat now. Not perfect mind you but way better then before. And the fact that you can switch to them and fill their pockets with loot too.

I like the Trader system way more then just dumping crap on the same Enclave all the time. And, the fact there are different Traders that will have new things to trade every time you see them.
Jan 9, 2018
Really like how you can use a shotgun without drawing a Death Horde. Unlike SOD 1, I swear shoot once and your running for your life within seconds in the first game.
In the first game, the shotgun was utterly useless unless one spec'ed into it. However, if you did it quickly became irrelevant how many zeds tried to swarm you.

OT: Last night I noticed when a new wave begins in Daybreak as the bar fills, it looks like thousands of zeds running. I really like that for some reason.


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Jan 9, 2018
I like how there's zombies
I like how they can bite me with no head
I like how the community try to control the old boys but they become useless new boys
I like how I have to waste my time gettin' achievements
I like how this DLC is 10 dollars
I like how this DLC...
I feel this is less than sincere and not in line with the theme of this thread. There are plenty of other threads for expressing displeasure. Let's keep this OT.