State of Decay 2 Xbox One Controller


Rescued Ally
Jan 9, 2018
Thanks, @Goonie! :) And I like your theory about it being a Design Lab promotion. The controller you showed was cool, and works great for the Daybreak theme. If not a push for DL, (if it was, they should've made it clear) it makes me wonder even more what they were thinking with the new one.


Alamo Analytic
Jan 29, 2018
Minnesota, USA
It's a disappointment that there's nothing limited edition since this is a first party studio provided that I got a limited edition Halo 3 controller on my birthday...

I would love QR's work than UL's because QR puts work into his design. #QRFORARTDESIGNER


Rescued Ally
Jan 12, 2018
Dayton, Ohio
At this point I'm wondering how much teeth gnashing is going on at UL at MS decisions and gagging, and how much of this is UL not understanding why we are frustrated.
I think they understand but there's not much they can do about the situation. They are not the Undead Labs we used to know and love. They are just a cog in the giant Microsoft machine. I predict they will make two or three more add-ons or DLC's for SOD2 after Daybreak, then be done with single player and/or co-op. The next game, if there is one, will be an MMO game. Fans of this franchise who prefer single player or co-op only game play will become of little concern. Microsoft will focus on gamers who want an MMO experience and will make a lot of money in the process. It will be good for Microsoft but not so good for those of us who prefer single player/co-op over a strictly MMO experience. Of course I have been wrong before.


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Mar 10, 2018
MMOs also require a Xbox Gold membership, which just feeds the M$ coffers.
Speaking of that...
I renewed about a week ago. My credit card confirms payment, and my account showed auto-repay on 8/29/19.

So how come I get a tile on login today saying my Gold is about to expire???

Such a basic error (if it is one...) from the people who control 80+% of the world's computers is disturbing.