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Jan 29, 2018
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I've been an achievement hunter on Xbox for quite some time nearly 100% games that I can, so today I bring you the achievements for Xbox/Windows 10 and these are possible spoilers, but not really, I'll put the spoiler tags when the new DLC achievements and secret achievements are found, good hunting!

62 Total Vanilla Achievements
-60 Visible
2 Secrets
1000 Gamer-score

Independance DLC: None

Daybreak: 250 New Gamerscore.

Puppies and Kittens 10G
Kill 100 zombies.

Toothpaste Pinata 5G
Search 10 containers.

No Stone Unturned 20G
Search 100 containers.

I Got You a Pony 5G
Deliver a rucksack to your Storage facility.

I Got You a Pack Mule 20G
Deliver 50 rucksacks to your Storage facility.

Construction Complete 5G
Build a facility at your base.

Paradise City 20G
Build 10 facilities at your base.

Heart of Darkness 10G
Destroy a plague heart.

These Dreams 20G
Destroy 5 plague hearts.

Welcome to the Jungle 10G
Recruit a new survivor to your community.

Through a Glass Darkly 5G
Survey 5 sites from high places.

Silent Cartographer 10G
Survey 50 sites from high places.

No More Strangers 10G
Earn enough standing to promote a recruit to citizen.

Gotta Be Larger than Life 20G
Earn enough standing to promote a citizen to hero.

Breach and Clear 10G
Secure 5 sites by exploring every room and killing every zombie.

Every Piece of Trash in Town 10G
Secure 25 sites by exploring every room and killing every zombie.

Sorry for Party Rocking 10G
Destroy an infestation.

The Purge 20G
Destroy 10 infestations.

Flash Mob 10G
Destroy a horde.

Crowd Control 20G
Destroy 25 hordes.

Road Warrior 10G
Kill 50 zombies with your car door.

Blind Justice 15G
Kill a feral.

Barley and Spoiled Blueberries 15G
Kill a bloater.

Glutton for Punishment 15G
Kill a juggernaut.

Call Me Any Anytime 10G
Call in a radio command.

Citizen Z 20G
Call in 25 radio commands.

Men Without Hats 10G
Shoot the Helmet off an armored zombie.

I Ran So Far Away 15G
Choose a specialization for the Cardio skill.

Knowing is Half the Battle 15G
Choose a specialization for the Wits skill.

Wax On, Wax Off 15G
Choose a specialization for the Fighting skill.

Short Controlled Bursts 15G
Choose a specialization for the Shooting skill.

Mediocre! 15G
Elect a warlord as the leader of your community.

Nice Moves There 15G
Elect a sheriff as the leader of your community.

Doctor Terminus 15G
Elect a trader as the leader of your community.

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can 15G
Elect a builder as the leader of your community.

Total Eclipse 40G
Destroy every plague heart in your territory.

Holding Down the Couch 10G
Switch to a different survivor when you become fatigued.

Be Still My Dog of War 30G
Complete a campaign with the warlord's legacy.

I Am the Law 30G
Complete a campaign with the sheriff's legacy.

Speedy Delivery 30G
Complete a campaign with the trader's legacy.

If You Build It, They Will Come 30G
Complete a campaign with the builder's legacy.

Dam Fine Territory 30G
Settle a base in the foothills territory.

Ten Thousand Gallon Hat 30G
Settle a base in the plateau territory.

Tilting at Windmills 30G
Settle a base in the valley territory.

The Next Generation 20G
Start a new community with survivors from a completed one.

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jaeger! 20G
Shoot off a flare (or volunteer to help someone who does).

Walkers and Biters 20G
Kill 1,000 zombies.

Others and Wights 40G
Kill 10,000 zombies.

From the Top of My Lungs 15G
Kill 4 screamers.

What We Do in the Shadows 10G
Destroy a plague heart at night.

War Rig 20G
Use the Auto Ship to create an upgrade kit and apply it to a vehicle.

Rucks in Trucks 10G
Transfer an item from a vehicle's inventory directly into your base.

Who Run Bartertown? 15G
Build the Trade Depot facility at your base.

Mercy Hospital 15G
Build the Field Hospital facility at your base.

Citizens First and Soldiers Second 15G
Build the Armory facility at your base.

Enemy at the Gates 15G
Build the Sniper Tower facility at your base.

Piggyback Ride 10G
Finish off a juggernaut with a melee execution.

Friendship is Magic 20G
Work with 5 enclaves to make them your allies.

Black Friday 10G
Spend Influence to buy 10 items from enclaves.

Can Buy Me Love 10G
Earn influence by selling 10 items to enclaves.

Secret Achievement(2 Secret Achievements)
This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.

To easily gain the all the achievements, you would tread carefully on how you play, I'm more reckless and action but here is how I got all of my achievements.

Zeds, they're just easy to kill, simple as that, no need to check on progress, just keep on killing.
Plague Hearts, you may want to get a .50 AP Rifle
Legacies, just promote the desired person and build what they provide and don't play as them to prevent deaths.
Trading, sell broken and useless crap like trade goods or useless weapons.
Maps, you'll most likely be on all maps, just settle a base and you'll get an easy 'chievo
Specializations, make sure a survivor does not have a -% debuff on any skill, otherwise you won't be able to achieve 7 stars on the core rules of survival stats.
Infestations are less of a thread besides the screamer, take them out.
It's a pretty easy game around patch 1.0(No update) I'll update as the DLC achievements drop.

Happy Hunting
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