SOD2 won't open


Alamo Rookie
Jan 10, 2018
South NJ
I keep getting an error when I try and open SOD2. It seems to happen after updating the game. Yesterday I downloaded the most recent patch and I had the issue right after that. Eventually the game loads, albeit 5 minutes later when the game just fires up. Restarting didn't correct the issue. I ran the game last night without issue then this morning after firing up my PC I get the same error. I've noticed when it happens the tile I have pinned appears to be showing it updating (at least that's what it looks like to me) I'm using the windows store version. I've attached a picture of the error message I get and the way the tile looks when I get the error.

After posting this I tried to open it again and after a 30 second delay it started right up. It did that yesterday too.