SoD2 Q & A


Alamo Rookie
Jan 21, 2018
Poor side of the river
O weird. I had radio options from the start. Love my pre order edged weapons btw.

Has anyone gotten their car yet? 200 influence is a lot to spend right away.
I think the conversation unlocks the command centre abilities like calling around for materials etc not the radio itself cos you can radio for the packs straight away.
All that’s said in the convo is that ‘someone passed through and gave his/her group a bunch of special radios that also receive text and he/she thinks you should have them’.

Kid Kayole

Alamo Rookie
Jan 11, 2018
Yorkshire, England
When Jarlo joins. He talks about radios that can send text messages... since my wife was bugging me at that moment i missed what it was about. Can anyone elaborate for me?
Basically it's just a way for UL to get more dialogue into the game without voicing every line. Like, a survivor will come over the radio and say, "You're not gonna like this!" but then the text message will say, "Ants got into the food again"


Rescued Ally
Jan 20, 2018
I had an enclave of medical professionals that just disappeared. There wasn't a quest or anything they just vanished. Anyone have this happen to them or know why it happened?
They might have called you for help. If they needed it really bad, they eventually get mad and announce they’re leaving for someplace else. I’ve had it happen a couple times where another enclave has stolen the calling enclaves medicine. Then they leave because I’m too busy trying to take care of my base as I added everyone who asked.