Question Porting over a custom character


Missing Survivor
Feb 10, 2019
Ah how I miss the old forums so many questions were probably answered there...

Any who- I for the longest time only stuck with SoD despite owning YOSE as well. Not so much for any reason other than with all my modding I found a balance of compatible mods that somehow didn't break the game but gave me an overall quality of life I could tolerate. However lol even after all these years it finally bugged me enough to see the sheer vast difference in hours played between both games. The trial and error is something I don't look forward to in porting over things to the other game which is why I never did it.

But - eh after all this time... why not?

However there is just one character I have just loved how she turned out it was my favorite by far and definitely wanted to bring her into YOSE if I could. Which brings me to the question finally - is it possible? Could I simply just copy/paste the cdf file from SoD to YOSE? Or are the clothing mats etc different and I'll end up with a Frankenstein of a character?


Zed Hunter
Jan 9, 2018
Eastern USA
There were a few items added, but the existing parts from the base game still exist in YOSE, so just copying it should work fine. If you have any concerns, just back up the original cdf first.