Polygon Article on SOD2 (Aug, 12, 2019)


Alamo Rookie
Jan 13, 2018
Made no sense to me....the first game had story and random survivors :unsure: But in the second game you can only have one at a time? Plus why talk about the lore of SoD when they set it on fire and threw it out the window then made SoD2. While Heartland gave us some story it wasn't set on the lore of the first SoD and neither did it really add to it. All we got was 2/3's of the Trumbull map and 2 characters from the first game...oh and plague walls the next step in plague hearts.

Next step I'm guessing will be giant plague slugs that crawl around the map adding zombies and survivors alike to their mass.....they'll have a row of bloater bellies sticking out each side of their bodies which can only be taken out in the same fashion as a plague wall. Kill them while they are small and they'll only have 2 bellies to take out but if you let them grow they'll end up with 6 and start heading to your base :) Their faces will be that of a screamer and full grown the face will be made up of 4 screamer faces. So when you try to kill one it screams the whole time and mass spawns zombies lol


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Jan 29, 2018
Minnesota, USA
I literally want to write about state of decay 2 and the previous fenomenal title and the community and my thoughts.

Here’s what’s stopping me
  1. “Mexicans don’t know shit” (race comes into play, if I don’t mention it.)
  2. I’m 18 (my views aren’t valid
  3. I’m no big person in the community (no one will listen and throw it off)
  4. Microsoft goes after me (I’m a goner)
  5. I make the Alamo look bad. (I move on and leave)
  6. I become the most hated person in the community. (I will move on and leave)
  7. It may look terrible to read.
Now this may seem off topic as to what this thread was originally supposed to be, I don’t see the article as “bad” but it’s rhetorical and a bit of a marketing cliche to get clicks and positive feedback.

Since we are talking about articles. I plan to write my thoughts like I have said maybe 20 times before but my points I listed above are what is keeping me and I don’t feel like I want to do it because it would most likely be pointless. (Run-on...) average game with terrible outcome than promised.

Feel free to @me.