NPC always teleport to another place


Alamo Rookie
Jan 22, 2018
Don't know any one mention this but, I always have this situation.
Some mission when I got the way point and the npc always teleport to another place and make me can't find the key man. And today I have a problem, that npc teleport to a place where I never reach, I need help .

State of Decay 2 2018_7_31 上午 12_03_46.png

any ideal?

Just Too

Alamo Rookie
Jan 12, 2018
A different dimension
One time I brought a follower to this mission and when I did that the game just broke like the game wanted to send my follower home but they didnt want to leave so what was happening was you see my follower running away but whenever I move they teleport there but running away again like an endless cycle of no escape O.O the only way it fixed was when the mission ended and I left the game because I forgot