New Open Beta?


Alamo Rookie
Jan 22, 2018
Ok with the last update to Beta it seems melee weapon swap was removed from the key binding 😕 And now I'm getting a lot of this when aiming with the prepper 22
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Yeah I have this, too. So I rare switch them. I really prefer to switch melee weapons 'cause they do needed. And there's another issue about switch guns, that is when you switch your guns, sometimes the primary weapons will miss parts of them. Like I switch my p226 elite and scoped bighank rifle, then the rifle sometimes missing scope, other guns, too.
The broken arms bug looks scary.


Zed Hunter
Jan 10, 2018
Goddamnit. Everytime I hop on SoD thinking the update is out and it's not. Fucking feels like this has been in beta forever XD
A few weeks ago in one of the UL streams Geoffrey said that the next 'official' update for SoD2 is in August. :cautious:

You gonna be waiting awhile.

Edit: I remember he specifically said August because that's when the Critical Response pack returns after they had that whole fiasco with automating the pack rotation.