"Maximum Capacity" Bug

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Missing Survivor
Jun 12, 2018
I don't know what it is but there was a point in my game to where I had 10 survivors and tried to recruit another but it said I was at a cap. So i exiled one and still I'm at maximum capacity. I can't progress my base at all because I can't teach any of my survivors skills to build a hydroponics or anything necessary for survival. All of my survivors already have an ability. This is quite frustrating because I have beaten three legacies just to get the sheriff boon, builder boon. and warlord boon. I planned on making the. Community I have at the moment that is bugged, my best base. I made sure that I transferred all my weapons, mods and items necessary to have the "Dream Base". I don't know what to do i have uninstalled everything. reinstalled. hard reset Xbox and basically anything else i could think of. Please Developers look into this because I'm losing all hope and motivation to play. I'm tired of going out on runs for supplies when i shouldn't have to :/ Also a side problem, very minor and not a bug at all i don't think. In meager Valley you can't have any material collection outposts. This is distressing and even more difficult because I have to make constant runs out for materials, food, and gas. Please help.


Rescued Ally
May 25, 2018
Not bugs. The soft cap for survivors is 9; you must have recruited 2 when you only had 8. To be able to recruit more you need less than 9.

There are at least two material collection places for outposts in the little strip mall in the southwest part of Meagher Valley.

Alan Gunderson

Rescued Ally
Feb 7, 2018
When you reach the soft cap for survivors, you cannot actively recruit survivors from other groups.

However, you can still recruit survivors out of bad situations - for example, there is a chance that survivors you bring home to dead enclaves will ask to join you.

If you are looking to recruit, pay attention to the encounters on the map. I have had 15 survivors through purely random encounters.