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Missing Survivor
Sep 21, 2019
Hi, I assume that I have been banned on the discord server, I was talking about getting banned on my other account, and they said that I was selling mods. In reality I was not selling the mods but yes selling an account that had items and such that were modded into the game, I was not aware that this was against the rules, can somebody please help me? it would be greatly apretiated.


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
Account sales are nearly always "illegal", in the sense that they break the terms of service of games and will get your account(s) banned in the games. As for the official Discord, the forum has no direct connections with it. I think some of the members of the forum might be a community moderator on it, but I have no real idea as I left it very early in.

I'm also fairly sure Beau and Mystyk aren't involved in it but I could be wrong.