Happy Birthday


Rescued Ally
Jan 9, 2018
As posted on the UL Forum: @BobCrees: Happy Birthday, Bob! Thank you for staying on as a cornerstone of this community, and representative of everything that makes it positively incomparable. It wouldn't be right without you. I hope you have a great day, and an incredible year, with many more ahead! :)

Jackie Wilson - Soul Galore

Side Note: There's a lot of uncertainty for me going into this year, so I likely won't be able to keep up with everything going forward, and have the time that I've had. That said, I at least wanted to do one more of these before the doors officially close at the UL forum.

It's been a lot of fun designing them for as many of you as I could, and of course, I wish I could've done more. Aside, whether I made something for you or not, I'm grateful to all of you for making this community what it is, and I'll always be wishing you the best.