Fun with noisemakers


Rescued Ally
Sep 16, 2018
I've never really made good use of noisemakers until now. Just sold them for influence. Never carried them with me. Ho hum.

Until now lol.

I've been playing always fast search while working up levels in breakdown. Wasn't an issue until the 30s when the Loud events started being more tense. One time when I was being chased by a resulting mob I happened to have a noisemaker on me. I used it and the mob broke off their attack to stay with the noisemaker.

Now I intentionally take one with me while searching and use it to cover my escape when I get Loud triggers. Works great and gives me the confidence to loot another shelf or two before bolting.

I can see how whistling box mines would be even better, but I start each level as a new game and don't typically get that far in the research track.

Another use I did by accident. I was at Kirkman's and surrounded by both infestations and the results of a few Loud triggers. It was pretty full of zombies.

I was trying to use a med while at home and accidentally chucked a firecracker instead. It drew in a bunch of zeds. But I had my allies there and we took them out fine. It helped thin out the zeds in the area a bit, which was neat.


Zed Hunter
Jan 10, 2018
Yeah, WBM were always my go-to for distractions because once the distraction ends, so do all the Zombies. As far as actual distraction items I prefer firecrackers since they activate immediately and are thrown instead of being placed so you can, for example, toss one near a propane tank as you are running past, then blow it up to take the Zombies out.