Feral help


Rescued Ally
Jan 21, 2018
Fresno, California
And it doesn't help that the idiots in base won't attack them unless they see you fighting. Not sure why base sieges are different, they'll certainly take the initiative there.
I've often retreated from a feral and back to base. I'll climb up the ladder on top of a storage building (my base is the loch and keogh). It's pretty cool to see the other survivors at my base form a firing line and open up on the feral. Sounds like chinese new year! Haha. They usually bag the sucker in a few seconds and then it's all clear and back outside base. It cracks me up sometimes, I traveled maybe half a block, and I've used up all my fire, most of my ammo, meds and snacks. I'm just like damn! Can't make any headway. Haha. That whole area is thick with zeds.