Feline Fancy


Rescued Ally
Jan 9, 2018
Your cats, not your cats, just cats!
Here're my boys. They both weigh in at a little over 14 lbs each. Rasputin is the grey in the front and Buddy is the Siberian behind him.
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They are almost always cuddling somewhere together.
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Probably 'cause it all started like this:
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I rescued Rasputin when he was 6 weeks old, abandoned or orphaned, and Buddy raised him. I think Buddy is about a year old here and 'Put is two or three months old. They've been inseparable ever since. Oh, Buddy was a rescue also, but that's a long sad story.
Oh my goodness your post is just beautiful and heartwarming. I too am a cat owner/lover, il try gets some pics on. Buddy did an amazing job as surrogate parent. 2 beautiful cats you have there. 😍❤