Feb 14th Update: Tavern Scrawl #50: Squashing the Netherbugs!


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
We are happy to bring you all another patch, this time focusing heavily on improvements and fixes, and adding some new things to help support those improvements and fixes. There's nothing that warms our developer hearts more this Valentine's Day than to eradicate bugs with sweet sweet vengeance. ;)

Moving right along, here is the TL;DR:

Difficulty, RNG, and Event Actions!

We have put in a bunch of work during this patch to address difficulty and chance-based elements. This has been a multi-pronged effort, including bug fixing, tweaking existing code, and feature implementation. We added the ability to select a difficulty that suits your play style, no matter if you prefer a walk in the park, or a walk in a very scary park in the dark. We also added more cool event actions that allow you to make interesting decisions that allow you to play it safe, in terms of the percentages, or put it all on the line for that high-risk, high-reward move. We're very much looking forward to your feedback on how all this feels from your unique perspective.

System Updates!

We have updated our system to the newest version of Unity, which has fixed a number of bugs (including that dreaded alt+tab bug!!). We are also rebuilding the tutorial from the ground up so it remains stable, despite ongoing changes/additions.

Quest Assignment and Questing!

UI for Quests assignment has been completely reworked. You are also now able to review the history of your heroes' adventures.

Fixes and Improvements!

We squashed many bugs, woohoo!

As we have mentioned countless times, there is no end to the appreciation we have for our community and all of the conversations that we've had with you all. If you're not already a part of our community, please join us at http://discord.gg/epictavern for amazing discussions and dev voice chats. We also livestream our development at http://twitch.tv/epictavern.

From everyone here at the Tavern,


Features in Detail:


  • "In Development" Notification added following the Initial Load Screen
  • Support added for 16:10 Resolutions
  • Refactored quest list and related elements
  • Quest list: Quest list is now a two-state panel: full list displayed by default, with details displayed upon clicking a quest; List size is now full screen height; Quests are now divided into categories Active, Pending, Available, and Completed
  • Quest list items: Much larger size, messaging is better organized and easier to read; party slots
  • Quest details: Consists primarily of journey preparedness and quest objective contribution tables; Removed quest "wanted skills" list due to redundancy; Removed quest requirements list; Party slots below the minimum required threshold (currently 2 for all quests) display a callout to message that a hero must be assigned
  • Pending quests display a "preparing to depart" toast near Quest Chance
  • Journey preparedness details the party's strength vs. each event class, with a three-tier comparison assessment indicator (good, okay, poor)
  • Quests without a party display "???" for all success chance fields (preparedness, objective, and quest) until a hero is assigned
  • Refactored party contribution bonus list items to be in line with the upcoming skill refactor
  • Added various helper tooltips on success chance badges and "???" placeholders
  • Quest success percentage has been removed: Quest chance indicator is now a rough average of the objective and preparedness assessment indicators
  • Mini-roster is now consolidated in bottom half below quest details, providing a larger map view
  • Roster Join Party button is now disabled upon full party, with corresponding alternate visual state
  • Adventurer details (displayed upon clicking adventurer list item) has been visually updated, consolidated, and had its status widget removed (redundant in the new design); Improved mini-quest log that's displayed upon selection of an Active quest
  • Optimized refresh calls to mini-roster and roster list items to target only the relevant adventurer items (huge speed boost!)
  • Many many conversions from Text to TMPro
  • Quest info panel, returning parties: added dedicated UI element to more clearly message returning party state, also removed objective contribution table and quest chance indicator during this phase since they're irrelevant and muddy the messaging
  • Cautious Stance Added (50% Power on Failure, -25% Max Power)
  • Precise Stance Added (Hit chance +15%, Power -15%)
  • Roster list item: Added equipment slots that can be clicked to display the Equipment UI, redesigning some existing elements to accommodate; Equipment slots have equipment/helper tooltips as needed in both populated and empty states; Facility toast has been moved to the portrait, effects icons reduced in size; Skill totals redesigned in horizontal layout with background highlights matching skill class (will better accommodate future sorting functionality)
  • Character sheet: redesigned equipment slots in the image of the roster list item slot design
  • Map: Added support for equipment changes via roster list item
  • Added Difficulty levels on Tavern Creation
  • Added sun ray VFX behind GoForth button to attract attention when questecution is pending


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018

  • Upon purchasing a facility, the correct number of beds are now unlocked instantly (used to require next turn)
  • Questecution: Halt Party button no longer flashes before the Roll button appears
  • New Quest popup: Okay button is now hidden until end of reveal, instead of glitchy inactive color
  • All patron summons are now cleared upon spending the last AP
  • Level-up: Roster profile now updates dynamically as skill points are spent
  • Level-up: Updated incorrect tooltips and button elements that were left on roster total widgets when copied from the roster
  • Removed phantom party members, ensuring party contribution math checks out
  • Resolved Flickering Adventurer Tooltip on map
  • Restored missing reference to serve combo close button on scene controller (drink tutorial)
  • Facilities UI now refreshes properly upon checkin/checkout
  • Lightly Wounded character effect no longer sticks around forever after healing naturally
  • Several Anchoring issues in Main menu and Tavern scene corrected
  • Quest list: mini quest list (in tavern) header strip is now hidden as necessary for certain panel states
  • Questecution roll button/portrait VFX are now activated/deactivated properly, and no longer block raycasts preventing access to the Roll button
  • Roster list items are now selectable again (was blocking tutorial), couple cosmetic tweaks to Roster
  • Quest Stages now utilize the Quest Difficulty rather than the Local Zone Difficulty
  • P4Connect straggler: added missing scene-specific header display handling for the mini-quest list in Quest Details
  • Alt Tabbing Crash fixed!
  • Screen Defocus Crash Fixed
  • Character interaction: constrained font size of speech bubble text, preventing ugliness along the bubble border from manifesting
  • Register list item: made text font sizes variable and increased size of fonts to ensure legibility at low res
  • Character interaction level up UI should now be visible
  • Fixed bad positioning on Empty roster list item UI
  • Restored serve combo counter prefab anchoring
  • Fixed bad serve combo counter log scroll position
  • Fixed position of drink chain counter end tutorial text box so it covers the Okay button
  • Quest party contribution no longer listens to skill categories
  • "Required" toast now appears on all party slots for One-way Trip
  • "Required" toast no longer appears on completed quests
  • Map nav bar now displays the correct day and week
  • Completed quest list items now display archived status rather than "Returned in Error"
  • Fixes for several broken skill checks, and some If conditional errors
  • Tavern nav bar UI updated with support for 16:10
  • Corrected series of invalid SkillChecks
  • Removed lingering parts of skill category support form quest contribution scripts
  • Checking in a casualty of P4Connect: "Required" toasts no longer show on completed quests
  • Multiple stage data fixes for exposed code
  • Fixed malformed stage conditional in Hammer Time Quest
  • Corrected duplicate Asset Caching which led to Game Freeze when using the "Logout" button
  • Corrected error that caused Veteran Adventurer Achievement to get skipped on certain machines
  • Summons are working properly once again
  • Tavern Hub: Initial state of service log tab now displays correct number of active patrons and summons tallies
  • General Null References cleaned up on Game Exit
  • Fixed Clickable Patrons during Tutorial to ensure only the Patron you are supposed to click on is accessible.
  • Clicking Murgul too quickly in the Drink Chain Tutorial no longer breaks the tutorial
  • Updated Tutorial System to autolock Characters until they are needed
  • Fix for Drink / Food parsing mismatch
  • Days now run from 1 to 7 rather than 0 to 6 (Programmers are hilarious)
  • The First day of the week is no longer 'Caturday'
  • Goods parsing error corrected on Character Interaction
  • Unequipping and equipment swapping now work correctly, no longer accumulating hidden items
  • Added sound to Unequip button
  • Corrected missing Partying skill checks
  • Changed all Dwarven Customs Skill Checks to Partying Skill Checks
  • The following UI is now 16:10 friendly: Quest list, Quest list items (Type, Quest & Chapter), Quest details, Character Details, Mini-roster, Roster list items
  • Restored party slot speech bubble display upon quest assignment
  • Converted success/fail/question power rating textures to updated formatted versions
  • Restored arrow textures references in several places
  • Questecution panel is now mostly compatible with 16:10
  • Fixed bug causing aspect check code to give incorrect result
  • Quest resolution panel: fixed several problems with 16:10 aspect
  • Top of turn panel is now compatible with 16:10 aspect ratio
  • The Loading screen is now 16:10 compatible
  • The generic message popup is now 16:10 compatible
  • The following Landing UI is now 16:10 compatible: New Tavern popup, Demolish Tavern popup, News feed summary, News feed expanded, Save slot panel.
  • 16:10 aspect ratio fixes for CharacterInteraction: Intro option, Prologue option
  • Bevelized prologue Okay button and restored its click sfx
  • Added a safegaurd to ensure Empty Menu slots do not try to spawn a tooltip with broken data
  • New Day Pop Up Week/Day display updated to match Tavern Nav Display
  • Equipment list item: restored broken references to arrow indicator texture
  • Character sheet: Restored broken arrow texture references in portrait level-up toast
  • Adventurer tooltip: Restored broken arrow texture references
  • Roster list item: Added scroll and button pass-throughs on many elements that were blocking interaction
  • Roster list item: Added protection from clicking on equipment slots when hero is questing
  • Quest List and GoForth/NextDay button now updates properly upon removal of final party member from a quest.
  • Map camera now starts centered over the Tavern
  • Facilities checkin is restored and the UI now updates properly
  • Out of AP messaging at start of turn has been resolved
  • Questecution panel: Integrated results dice display and related VFX, Added effects tooltips to Questecution portraits, Fixed several layering/positioning issues with portrait VFX and surrounding elements
  • Added portrait handling for completed quests, however this is disabled pending a full design for this quest display context
  • Questecution panel: integrated action chance (to hit) indicator: Improved format of results string for clarity
  • Corrected "Day 0" bug in Map View
  • Reduced delay following stage before Stage deactivates to mitigate race conditions with stage overlap
  • Corrected Load order issue which occasionally resulted in no "New Day" screen in the Tavern
  • Disabled Go Forth after initial click to prevent crash caused by triggering quest start multiple times in a row
  • Corrected defaulting issue that caused games to default to Friendly even when Challenging was visibly selected
  • Fixed reversed number order in roll display
  • Corrected broken To Hit display when using Aggressive or Precise stances
  • Break Camp stages following Key Stages have been reactivated


  • Level-up: Reformatted level-up roster profile to match its interaction form, for consistency
  • Level-up: Added pulsing helper text to inform player all points must be spent
  • Level-up: Small cosmetic improvements to top panel
  • Reduced brightness of default text color of serve log items to improve contrast against highlighted elements
  • Serve combo counter: Bevelized okay button, darkened serve log background for list item legibility
  • Goods list popup: Bevelized cancel button, added fuzzy drop shadows
  • Exclusive Quest selection panel has been updated with Text Mesh Pro and Anchoring fixes
  • Stages can now cause Procedural Spirit Damage
  • Procedural Health (and now Spirit) damage now weights heroes who failed their rolls with greater chance of damage
  • Facilities Tutorial Updated to new system (Gated behind feature switch)
  • Equipment Tutorial Updated to new system (Gated behind feature switch)
  • Hiring Tutorial Tested and Expanded with new System
  • Anchoring fixes for Character Interaction Panel
  • Disabled Refuse option on Drink Chain Tutorial
  • Drink Chain Tutorial has been updated with the latest features from the new Tutorial System
  • Unity Engine Updated to 2017.4.17f1 LTS
  • Mid Tutorial Saves functional
  • Scene Reload from Save functional
  • Cursor no longer hides / locks during loading
  • GOG now has an active Public Test Branch
  • GOG CLI Build Pipeline has been integrated into our automated system, meaning GOG Updates will happen automatically and alongside Steam Updates moving forward
  • Added more data tokens for further stage intricacy
  • Updated Settings menu graphics in preparation for expanding options
  • Added more logging around Patron Activator
  • Updated Settings menu graphics in preparation for expanding options
  • Full pass on four digit skill checks completed
  • Lowered across the board Stage Contribution Requirements
  • Questecution panel: Improved formatting and design of hero power display/result, Resized and repositioned VFX results dice for more prominent footprint
  • Added tooltips to Questecution portrait results dice: displays result label (success/fail/etc) and final Roll vs Difficulty
  • Updated UI around Difficulty Selection to make it more apparent
  • Lowered Power penalty of Cautious stance from -25% to -15%