Error 0x80070520+crash at splash screen


Alamo Rookie
Jan 10, 2018
I get this trying to sign into the xbox app with my main account, it will log in but spits out this error when I click on "let's play" and the MS support articles are, as usual, utterly useless. I dug around on the net a bit and I read in a few places that MS doesn't even acknowledge this error because they have no idea what causes it.

I made a secondary account and it can sign in just fine, so it doesn't seem to be an app error.

SoD2 on the other hand, the first time I ran it, got to the main menu and it gave me crap about needing to be signed in so I logged out and found the wonderful xbox app error. Now when I try to load SoD2 it closes at the splash screen with no error.

And wouldn't you know it, MS support is full of people having the same issues and the support people have stopped even trying to reply to them. MS seems to be taking a "don't know, don't care, we have your money so fuck off" approach.
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