Dec 19th Patch Notes


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
The chill winds carry warning of a chittering horror to the doorstep of your Tavern. Beor has once again been thrown into chaos, as the Spawn of the Nether Queen pour forth from the depths. To arms, heroes... forget for the moment the warmth of the fire and celebrations of Winter’s Crest. We face an enemy who knows no rest and shows no fear. Fill your bellies and finish your drinks, for this night may be our last!

We proudly present to our Epic Tavern community our latest patch, hundreds of hours of improvements inspired by the feedback from all of you. As you know, we want to create the best Epic Tavern possible, so we listen to what you say and work hard at integrating the results of our conversations into the game. Thank you so much for all of your input, comments, and great conversations. If you’re not already a part of this awesome process, please join us at amazing discussions and dev voice chats. We also livestream our development at . We’d love to see you there!

As for the patch, aside from the super awesome and, frankly, at times terrifying Nether Queen storyline, we have so. many. improvements to the game. Where to start? Well, most importantly, we heard you and the groundwork has been laid for making more meaningful choices during questing. You can now select dispositions that make a huge difference in the outcome of each individual hero’s roll.

We’ve also added the concept of ‘spirit’ damage, which allows us to track the party’s level of exhaustion and mental cohesion. This gives us a bunch of cool levers to make questing more interesting and allow you to affect outcomes with interesting choices. We’ll be building heavily on this element in the near future.

As far as stories go, we’ve added some super cool quest types which allow us to tell more interesting, complex stories. We’ve also revised a lot of our old encounters to take care of a bunch of new story technologies which allow for a huge amount of variation and customization of story directly to your particular situation.

We’ve also spent a bunch of time absorbing the UI/UX feedback from our awesome community and have done some pretty great revisions based on comments and our own observations. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it. Adventurer services in particular (infirmary, etc) are greatly improved, in terms of presentation and usability. We think you’ll enjoy the similar improvements we’ve spread throughout the game. There are still some areas we’d like to get to, and we’ll keep working hard, like always!

All these changes have put us in a great position to deliver some really cool improvements, unparalleled story experiences and new systems as we continue with our work. On the horizon is a really amazing skill system revision that will expand upon the number of powers/stances you can employ during questing. We are also really looking forward to working in some other fun systems into questing, such as the idea of party supplies. All this on top of continued UI/UX improvement and bug fixing. We can’t wait to hear what you think about everything we have planned.

As we swiftly approach the New Year, we reflect on this past year and the amazing time we’ve had developing Epic Tavern alongside you all. We look forward to journeying with you towards the future and continuing the fun! Thank you, friends, for another epic year!

Without further ado, here are the updates:


New Stories!

New Event: “Invasion of the Nether Queen!”

In this epic storyline spanning multiple quest chains and multiple dungeons, you are Beor’s only hope against a massive invasion of overgrown insects infected with Nether energy leaking from the Flaming Gate. The fate of entire cities rests in your hand in a clash that will change the land of Beor forever. This storyline contains our first persistent region, where all random encounters while traveling through the Chittering Coast are super dangerous and part of the invasion. Your heroes will face a threat unlike anything you’ve encountered before, so rest up before heading out… and don’t forget to bring a healer.

New Encounter Type: Compound Encounters!

During your travels, you may notice the first examples of a new type of random stages, compound encounters. Instead of the traditional one-off encounters on the road, these special encounters have multiple stages that branch in very different directions based on your results.

New Quest Chain: “Curses!”

Morbid Curiosities, the antiquities shop run by Ignatius Mordred, is destroyed in a supernatural storm, scattering his collection of cursed artifacts across the city. Race to recover these dangerous relics before they destroy Beor, but be warned, you aren’t the only one after the artifacts and any that slip through your fingers will later be used against you in an epic final battle.

New Random Encounters!

The pool of random encounters has deepened, adding new danger, new loot and a special collection of encounters around the tavern itself, including a town crier who recaps your latest accomplishments.

New Storyline: “The Cellar Door”

Beneath the tavern stairs, the heroes find a small, locked door. You’ll need a skilled locksmith to crack this one and uncover the final legacy of the Ravinger Four in an first stage of an ongoing storyline that will continue in our next patch.

New Narrative Controls!

With a range of new tools at our disposal, you’ll likely notice that new quests are a whole different beast than some of our earlier content. More dangerous, more rewarding and the game remembers everything you’ve done and will regularly reference your previous successes and failures. We’ve also reworked the existing storylines to fine-tune damage and add more complexity and callbacks. Encounters can now heal wounds as well. It has never been more important to bring a healer with you into dangerous territory, as they not only minimize damage as you receive it, but there are sometimes stages before a boss battle in a dungeon where your party stops to heal up. If you don’t have a healer, you waste that chance and have to tackle the boss while banged up.

Improvements to Questing:

More control of parties while questing:
- Each character rolls separately and can choose their action
- UI while questing dramatically reworked for clarity and style

Improvements to the Tavern:

- UI Improvements to improve the experience of managing characters and the tavern.
- Further stock improvements allowing for more control of sale price in the tavern.

Following this post will be the Features in their glorious detail!

From everyone here at the Tavern,

Have a Cozy Winter’s Crest!


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
Features in Detail:

New & Improved

- Main Menu - Overhauled to allow faster and more nature access to save games
- Questecution - Graphical overhaul
- Narrative Engine - Added full support for HP and SP manipulation
- Narrative Engine - Added full support for Party Supply manipulation and Polling
- Narrative Engine - Added Random String token allowing more variety in character responses
- Narrative Engine - Added Wait Token, allowing some encounters to take longer than others
- Narrative Engine - Added Turn Count Conditional for Narrative Branching based on length of playthrough
- Narrative Engine - Party Size Conditional for Narrative Branching based on non-dead, non-incapacitated party member count
- Narrative Engine - Hero Local Meta Roles
- Narrative Engine - Time Conditional token: allows for Narrative Branching based on how far into the day the party is
- Narrative Engine - Stage Trigger tokens allowing a specific stage, a random stage of a given stage type, or a random stage from a particular stage bucket to be encountered immediately after the current stage
- Facilities - Added confirmation pop-up support for switching from one facility to another
- Facilities 2.0 - New facilities management flow and related UI/UX: facilities are now featured prominently in the new management hub, depicted by facility bed slots with adventurer portraits and recovery progress indicators
- Tavern hub - Graphical and functional overhaul
- Tavern hub - Serve log overhaul to work with the new tavern hub
- Characters - Interaction UI pass
- Characters - Interaction Buttons beveled for cleaner look
- Facilities - Added clickability to occupied facility slots; same as clicking an empty "+" slot
- Facilities - Added button passthrough for facility slot adventurer tooltip
- Added/fixed top-of-turn recovery fill bar animation
- Created button on "checked out" facility state which resets to empty slot once clicked
- Tooltips - Added for effect description
- Tooltips - Added for duration comparison item delta
- Tooltips - Added for duration comparison item projection/result
- Tooltips - added XP, Wealth, and Friendship messaging to Adventurer Tooltip
- Tooltips - Redesigned effects custom tooltip, integrated with new effect list items
- Tooltips - Added a new custom tooltip for the recovery indicator
- Tooltips - Integrated effects/recovery tooltip across all three tavern contexts character interact, roster item, and character sheet
- Tooltips - More verbose tooltips added to effects items and duration comparison indicators
- Facilities - Effects progression and various aspects of facility upgrades have been integrated with data completed design and integration of new
- Expansions UI into management hub and new expansions management pop-up
- Tooltips - Added adventurer and effects/recovery tooltips to roster list item
- Tavern hub - Goods/Menu tab is now functional: contains summary of active menu, goods report message area, and button to access goods management
- Tavern hub - Goods management has been refactored as a pop-up: functionality of goods pop-up: order goods, view goods report, view order queue
- Tavern hub - The menu now has its own management pop-up
- Tavern hub - A static menu now exists in the turn pop-up and tavern hub
- Tavern hub - in the turn pop-up the menu management pop-up is accessed via button near the static menu
- Tavern hub - static menu depicts current price, friendship bonus, rep bonus, and stock
- Tavern hub - dual-rank boost/penalty toasts are displayed next to price/bonus values in accordance with any applied goods pricing tiers
- Level-up - Flow changed to happen exclusively via character interaction
- Level-up -Patrons display a level-up summons in the tavern when they are present and ready to level up
- Level-up -Patrons who are ready to level up and have not had a chance to summon yet: once clicked they will still display a level-up option for their default interaction state
- Level-up - Level-up UI mimics the character interaction panel shape for consistency
- Balance - Tavern AP reduced to 10 (was 15)
- Balance - Tavern level up schedule updated
- Balance - Personal story reward has been increased to 10 Rep (was 3)
- Balance - Updated procedural patron drink thresholds (tipsy, drunk, unconscious), randomized between: (1, 3, 5) (2, 4, 6) (3, 5, 7)
- Balance - Equipment of some characters modified and new characters given their appropriate equipment
- Basic Dying messaging - Heroes' Health Bars will now display DYING if dropped below 1 HP
- Tooltip - Added a descriptor that displays "Min" at -5, "Max" at +5, and "Neutral" at 0 for Mood Effectors
- Balance - Modified skill levels for the help wanted characters, addressed a lot of social quests without access to social characters
- Balance - Stances: Aggressive Refactored to boost Skill Power at the cost of Increased Damage Chance and Amount
- Balance - Stances: Cautious Refactored to Reduce Damage Amount at the cost of Skill Power
- Pop-ups now have dynamic hierarchy placement to keep them on top of other UI upon display
- Facilities - Added/improved effect list items messaging of characters already in facilities and related facility projections
- Facilities - Restored confirmation pop-up for checking in while assigned to a party
- Facilities - Restored confirmation pop-up for assigning to party while residing in facility
- First upgrade list item now hides its connector
- Facilities - UI polish on the facilities "confirm assign" pop-up
- Pop-ups are now spawned into the tavern scene at run time
- Facilities - Cosmetic improvements to "checked out" facility slot state
- Improved visuals on recovery messaging for effect and duration list items
- Tavern hub - now slides off screen with the notification panel during interaction and serve combos
- Hub serve log entries are now created in parallel with combo serve log
- Hub serve log now records single serves
- Characters - added a health/spirit widget to Interaction UI
- Characters - added a skill totals widget (displays all skill class values) to replace the skill focus (only showed the top two skills) to Interaction UI
- Facilities - Added description to facilities management screen
- Roster - Polish pass on roster list items: improved UI/colors/edges, added spirit bar, replaced skill focus with the skill totals widget, bevelized Join Party button, removed friendship indicator (deferred to adventurer tooltip)
- Consolidated tooltip spawners into single script
- Initial state of tavern hub is now the serve log if there are no facilities unlocked. Once there are facilities the hub, it will default to facilities from that point on
- Facilities - Facilities tab is now disabled until the first facility is unlocked for purchase
- When there are no serve log entries, the serve log pane displays a few stats regarding who is in the tavern, as well as the week and day to reinforce the start-of-turn messaging
- Tutorial: Facilities remove message, now points to the populated facilities slot
- Last Call - Cosmetic improvements
- Roster - Cosmetic improvements
- Character Sheet - Cosmetic improvements to skill list items
- Temporal effects now fully supported by system
- Tooltips - added to health/spirit bars in some areas
- Facilities - Facility slot time bar now represents the longest effect if multiple effects are active
- Bevelized the buttons in the turn pop-up
- Redesigned the turn pop-up "okay" button as an "open doors" button with a day/turn indicator
- Refactored code and UI design for landing main menu and related pop-ups
- Cosmetic improvements to top of turn "open doors" button
- Cosmetic improvements to roster list item empty state
- Redesigned summary UI, eliminating obsolete and nonfunctioning elements
- Tavern gold indicator added to goods management panel
- Bevelized/redesigned Order button on goods list item
- Maximized goods report content area in hub, turn pop-up, and goods management pop-up
- Goods report items have smaller font sizes that are more appropriate to their context
- Refactored nav bar design and aesthetics to account for recent migration of management functionality to the tavern management hub
- Navigation buttons are now square and bevelized, closer in appearance to the latest button motif
- Removed Menu/Stock, Expansions, and Equipment buttons from nav bar
- Access to Equipment management has been deferred to the Expansions area of the management hub, via future Equipment Shop expansion
- Quest and roster count displays are now more prominent and clearly labeled with icons and tooltips
- Slightly reduced vertical real estate of nav bar background due to reduced navigation button footprints
- Updated visuals on Last Call button including colors: default state is now blue, turning to orange at end of turn


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
New and Improved (cont.):

- Quest, roster, and tavern summary (currently labeled "Report") UI panels are now displayed via callback rather than direct reference
- Redesigned tavern register header for reduced profile
- The roster list item level-up indicator is now purely cosmetic
- The character sheet level-up indicator is now a button that calls character interaction for the adventurer in focus
- Skill point allocation is improved with more clarity on what's been spent and now with buttons to subtract points rather than relying on a full point reset
- All points must be allocated to proceed (no more lingering bonus point pools)
- Upon completing level-up, patron displays relevant floating speech blurb
- Questecution UI Updated
- Bevelized New Quest interaction button, added quest title under button
- Cosmetic improvements to generic tooltip to increase legibility and separation from background
- Data update to unlock conditions to cursed items quest chain.
- Roll All Button is functional
- Added toasts to Menu/Stock tab for when there's a warning or alert in the goods report
- Relocated Roster nav button level-up toast
- Reduced size of Manage Goods button on Menu/Stock tab
- Tweaked color of quests button avatar helmet
- Added system expansion to support modable "Transitional" events
- Cosmetic pass on main menu, save slot items, and news feed summary
- Cosmetic upgrade to list items in expanded news feed (darker background for easier reading)
- Cosmetic improvements to new tavern pop-up
- Good Old Games api integrated into main build
- Updated the look of the save slot delete button
- Cosmetic pass on: GVPopup, Tutorial pop-up: Welcome, Tutorial pop-up: Equipment, Tutorial pop-up: Hire, Tutorial generic text box
- Recalibrated all damages in prologue to take advantage of new damage controls and get Rav4 closer to death by the final stage
- Map roster: Updated with visual motif from full roster list, Eliminated facilities button (obsolete with new facilities UX), Cosmetic update to mini-roster header
- Map roster character details: Updated with visual motif from character sheet, Skill/trait lists have been updated, Join Party button has been updated, Back to Roster button updated to "x button" for clarity and consistency with other UI
- Map: Redesigned Next Day and Go Forth buttons
- Questecution: Added drop shadows to main quest log panel and quest details area to help visually separate the UI from the map
- A roster skill totals widget has been added to the level-up UI
Next to skill totals, added a display of the current character's roster rank for each skill type
- Improved visuals on mgmt hub goods tab low goods/out of stock toasts
- Save Converter added for updating old GV paradigm to new
- Dynamic difficulty tags for quests across the vast majority of our quests
- New Addition pop-up cosmetic upgrade
- Added Expansions hub tab toast for new items available for purchase
- Event Collapse/Expand operational
- Go Forth Fade Screen Updated to Use TextMechPro
- Added Pulse to Roll Button Bevels
- UX flow for purchasing epxansions and upgrades
- Moderate redesign on facilities and expansion mgmt panels: 1) Screen real estate for the mangement screens has been consolidated and made uniform so they can both offer a smooth transition from hub to management 2) Mgmt panels (expansion and facilities) now recognize unpurchased items, treating them as "level 1" upgrades 3) Side list has been removed in favor of a bottom list 4) A bottom list has been added, identical to the hub list corresponding to the management category (expansions vs facilities)
- A Confirm Purchase pop-up has been added, displayed upon attempt to purchase an expansion or upgrade from either the hub list items or respective mgmt panels
- Expansions list items in "can purchase" state, when clicked, call forth the management screen with a focus on clicked item, accompanied by the Confirm Purchase pop-up
- Purchasing from within the mgmt panel calls forth the confirm purchase pop-up
- Integrated confirm purchase pop-up into pop-up spawner
- Hub expansion items: Manage button is now clickable before purchase, displaying the management panel with item in focus as an unpurchased item
- Upgrade path display now handles level 0 (unpurchased) properly
- Converted more stuff to TextMeshPro
- Updated tutorial facilities arrow target accordingly
- Deactivated vertical scrollability on upgrade path scroll views
- Action String Adjusted to better message roll vs Power
- Added Event Results printout to UnifiedQuestLog object
- Added tooltips to dropdown list items for event and adventure actions
- Success Percentage added below roll buttons
- New VFX added to Rolls
- Updates to Roll VFX integrated
- Questecution transition screen: tweaked text formatting/colors, improved top banner, bevelized Okay button
- Quest List Items have had the Quest Level added to the information visible in the collapsed form
- Repositioned Choose your path text to give better proximity to player selections in Exclusive Quest PopUp
- Set Menu now supports removing an item without needing to replace it
- New Level Up Summons Icon implemented
- Hire summons now displays the roster profile widget
- Questecution panel: cosmetic tweaks to party slots chance indicator
- Cosmetic improvements to quest list item
- Cosmetic improvements to quest type item
- Quick polish pass on new quest popup
- Added bevel pulse to GoForth button as a feeble attempt to draw attention to it
- Minor cosmetic tweaks to quest list menu
- Join us on Discord option added to Main Menu under the Contact Us button


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
Bug Fixes:

- Fine-tuned damages and effects in Flaming Gate dungeon
- Formatting fixes for Drink chain Tutorial copy
- Tavern level-up pop-up is no longer able to trigger in between the first serve event and the rest of the combo
- Removed legacy affinity values that were affecting serve chance. This standardizes all our drink chance rates, making ones that are the result of chance mods really stand out.
- Easy to reverse if we want to preserve that random feel but see what you think.
- Patrons now increment their drink counter when rejecting First Drink
- Quest List: fixed Quest Power text displaying as [ Err ]
- Goods tooltip: Serve chance modifier indicator is fixed and color highlighted
- Characters can no longer drop into negative hit points
- Data Fixes for quests unlocking too soon
- ET-1282: Drink Chain Tutorial Freeze
- Fixed: Chained drinks now contribute to drink counters and sobriety
- Goods serve chance modifier is now applied to actual rolls behind the scenes
- Roster list item: long status strings no longer wrap to next line ( "ADVENTURI - NG" )
- Char Interaction: Effectors tooltip header changed to "Mood"
- Drink Stock award error fix
- GV Pop-ups for new goods
- Patrons now wait until the menu is set before initializing their starting service requests (they'll stop asking for things that aren't on the menu)
- Restored lost prefab changes (from last check in) to char interaction related to effectors
- Exiting the and reloading the game in between unlocking and purchasing the Infirmary no longer results in the infirmary being perma-locked
- Resolved bug that was preventing expansions and expansion upgrades from unlocking
- Fixed uninitialized MOM in PartySlot.cstooltip
- Hire summons icon no longer lingers after accepting a Hire request
- Created ability to properly unlock facilities and upgrades in save files that failed to unlock them due to an old bug
- Fixed bug with how old saves handle creating instances for new upgrades and expansions
- Fixed Questecution Panel null ref caused by empty public field
- Integrated weekday/numbers near sundial
- Resolved further bugs related to facility projections
- Fixed duplicate facility slots
- Fixed/improved messaging of treatments in facilities other than the one in focus
- Fixed recovery progress bar discrepancy between facility slot at top of turn vs. during turn
- Fixed clearing of effects in between turns due to grown/decayed effects
- Fixed incorrect progress bar reporting of remaining recovery time
- Fixed duplicate fatigue effects that would occur between turns
- Fixed adventurer tooltip invisible text for skill totals
- Fixed adventurer tooltip broken skill total values
- Fixed missing refresh of facility slots in various contexts
- Fixed contextual exceptions to occupied facility slot intractability
- Fixed incorrect numbering for combo entries in hub serve log
- Converted facilities tutorial steps to utilize new UI (facilities management pop-up)
- Disabled facilities management close button during relevant prologue tutorial steps
- Disabled facility slot clickability during prologue
- Fixed incorrect tooltips on the character interaction skill totals widget
- Removed the old massive character interaction panel that's been dragging around with our new one ever since interaction 2.0 was introduced.
- Disentangled from all related scripts, etc.
- Adventurer tooltip: fixed bad anchoring on details object
- Adventurer tooltip: Effect list "None" no longer shows when it shouldn't
- A bunch of bug fixes and improvements related to facilities/slot UI, effects items, facilities treatment progression
- Automatic checkout is fixed
- Fixed several DB bugs that were causing some data to be ignored or uninitialized
- Facilities/Effects 2.0 now supports disease, paralysis, and blindness
- Fixed null ref error on startup of new tavern, related to facilities room initialization


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
Bug Fixes (contd)
- Eliminated the ability to break tutorial by clicking an item in the new side selection list in
- Facilities Management. Side lists in Facilities and Expansions managements panels are now hidden during tutorial.
- Fixed incorrect math that was yielding bad results for the skill class totals widget
- Added editor flags for adventurer and effects/recovery tooltips to keep them from displaying off screen in certain contexts
- Replaced old tavern summary panel with new pop-up, restoring functionality of summary button on turn pop-up
- Tavern hub menu now updates as patrons are served
- Tavern hub goods report now updates as patrons are served
- Fixed tavern hub goods report double messaging
- Fixed redundant low stock goods report message when a good is already depleted
- Fixed broken tooltips on static menu column header icons
- Menu management popup: changed "specials" to "meals" for consistent terminology
- Goods report messaging for the day's deliveries now works
- Fixed bad list item width for goods report items in tavern hub context
- Tavern Effects UI no longer crashes the turn pop-up
- Register list items now reflect the level-up summons icon
- Equipment tutorial is now working again
- Large pulsing orange box no longer appears behind character interaction portrait
- Friendship bar on character sheet now works
- Clicking an empty equipment slot now shows the appropriate equipment list instead of always showing weapons
- Equip pop-up: empty state for "To Equip" info pane now displays correct message
- Positioning of Event Backdrop corrected
- Removed double bevel effect on InProgress Events
- UI clarity bug: Out of stock option has been redesigned, bevelized
- UI clarity bug: Hire and Full Roster buttons polished, bevelized
- Restored functionality of Order More button on Out of Stock interaction option
- Fixed bad initialization of skill list expansion widget upon character interaction launch
- UI clarity bug: redesigned Serve interaction option
- Hiring Tutorial is fixed
- Stage Results display correctly
- Stages collapse to minimized form after completion
- Travel Stages no longer display Event Action Choices
- Completed Stages correctly switch Success/Fail text to Success/Fail icon as part of minimized form factor
- Roll buttons now work under the hood and Stage completes after all active party members have rolled
- Fixed nav bar drop shadow texture raycast properties that were intercepting mouse events a bit below the nav bar
- Thorgrin now has 80% spirit during the tutorial so we don't see an empty recovery bar during the facilities steps
- Hero Potential Contribution now displays correctly
- Stances are selectable again
- Hero rolls now show rolled result
- Total Hero Contribution shows correctly
- Roll buttons no longer appear until it is safe to click them
- Key Stages fixed
- Additional color corrections for Stage Hats
- Stage Difficulty is being calculated correctly again, making it possible for heroes to fail once more
- Action Report now reads out the Hero Rolls
- Fixed Default Stances to match default actions to avoid confusion in the event player does not change them
- Facility slot design update/fix:
- recovery progress bar now fills with progress rather than depleting, conceptually shifting from "burning through debuffs" to "recovering towards full health"
- added a three-tier color highlight (frame and fill bar) indicating minor, moderate, and significant progress towards full recovery
- added tooltip explanation of numeric day counter
- added tooltip to recovery progress bar detailing progress percentage and daily recovery rate
- polished/streamlined a few UI elements, eliminated the hourglass icon
- Fixed drink chain tutorial null ref errors
- Fixed tutorial arrow/text positioning issues
- Errors in game status preventing quests from completing have been resolved, allowing adventurers to return to the Tavern again
- Seasonal Tavern décor now activates and deactivates automagically throughout the year
- Landing screen now gracefully handles all supported resolutions
- All UI element scale values have been standardized to 1
- Repaired Main menu, New Tavern pop-up, Delete confirm pop-up, expanded news feed and list items
- Contact Us button now correctly redirects to the Steam Forums
- Corrected order of Okay/Cancel buttons on Save Delete confirmation pop-up
- Fixed cancel/okay button order on generic pop-up (version warning, etc)
- Disabled the auto-spawning gold/rep fx in the tavern
- New Tavern save slot mouseover state: fixed text glitch and incorrect bevel texture
- Travel Stage Text bounds corrected
- Stage Contribution Hat remains on screen longer and displays the Fail and
- Success Items
- Stages now properly Succeed and Fail based on contribution
- Stock no longer instantly depletes upon serving a patron
- Converted tutorial text box to TMPro
- Fixed more day 2 tutorial arrow positions
- Removed quest name from Quest character interaction
- Tutorial Block resolved
- Updated all old format WOUND commands to new format
- Corrected issue that caused quotes to be dropped from some stages
- Map: Added spawner for various management popups and tooltips required by recent UI updates
- Fixed race condition which caused instance data to fail to reload following reload
- Questecution: Party slot power background strip now waits to show in conjunction with rest of Action UI, Wood panel background under portraits no longer disappears during travel, Fixed some minor edge alignment issues, Removed stubbed x/x text that indicates remaining characters to roll; will implement later when there's time, Fixed day indicator that was sometimes wrapping
- Mini-roster character details: fixed status handler null ref related to legacy UI due to updated Join Party button
- Running man on Go Forth no longer blocks Go Forth button click
- Auto Roll Speed tripled to 0.25 seconds each
- Success Chance % no longer blocks Serve Button
- Manually integrated lines for level-up summons and post-level-up floating speech blurb
- Changed tooltip on disabled tavern decor button
- Corrected data issue causing crash on quest: Out of the Hole
- Corrected two damage errors in prologue
- Orthisalis quests key sequence index fixed
- Blank quest block caused by debuff effects resolved
- Stage Triggers events now move to the specified stage rather than repeating the current stage
- Char sheet: fixed portrait level-up button positioning/sorting
- Fixed bad initial display state of mgmt hub goods toasts
- Mgmt hub goods toasts no longer block mouse clicks
- Map: full roster button functionality is restored