Area Detail Questions

What would you prefer to see for the indoor areas?

  • Single room buildings for everything

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  • Multiple room buildings for everything (exclude restrooms)

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  • Multiple room buildings for most places (includerestrooms)

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Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
As I'm working through all of the areas and creating rooms, I've been hand crafting each individual building with multiple rooms including restrooms, employee only offices and the like*. In other MUDs, these are usually left to only single room locations unless it's an important place (like a small castle in the town where quest givers spawn). In State of Decay, these were mostly single "room" offices and rarely did any place outside houses have restrooms.

Houses will still be fully built out. This poll is more leaning towards the business buildings such as the offices in State of Decay that were a single room, with a counter space (i.e. the strip mall north of The Alamo).

*I may change this going forward and in rewrites as otherwise it will take me another 3 months just to finish a single area before I even start in on the NPCs, area-specific items/containers and area-specific enemies.
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Alamo Rookie
Jan 10, 2018
Normally I'd say multiple rooms for most buildings except the obvious like public restrooms, garages, sheds, and small offices.

But since this is a MUD, single room should be fine except for large or important buildings, like malls, warehouses, storage units, airports, multi-level buildings, and quest locations.