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True Savage

Exiled Survivor
Jun 23, 2018
Saw a new thing today!!

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Cute, cuddly llamas (not all are, I know) are a predator deterrent!
I was literally gonna do this shit in minceraft. I always make pens for sheep so I can one day make some cool ass shit with the different wool then I come back then a wolf some how got in and I etheir have to replace half the sheep or start from scratch.

Righteous Ham

Zed Hunter
Jan 9, 2018
Hey, you know what we all need? More cute stuff, that should settle nerves, yes?

Behold the fersome enemy of mankind! Beware: and guard your sweets lest the fall into the avaricious jaws of these unholy beasts!

Fall back men! We can't stand against such cuteness!