Alpha 10.0 Released!


Alamo Radioman
Staff member
Jan 8, 2018
The new update is now live and this update we focused heavily on navigation/pathfinding issues as well as behaviour bugs. It took WAAAY longer than we wanted it to but we are really happy with the improved goblin behaviour and movement in the village. We also added a few new cool things; in true goblin Christmas spirit they now steal from each other as well :)
Happy Holidays everyone!

New Features:
-Added Riot state for missing items so that goblins without the correct tools, can devolve to murdering coworkers for theirs.
-Added a crowd event system so that if a goblin sees another goblin involved in an event they will remember it. They will be more likely to join in when looking for new tasks. (Currently system only incorporates riots but will be used for combat and festivities later) (also made the crowds for riots not gather all in a single spot)
-Many new sound effects added to various UI.
-Smoke particles added to buildings which burn wood for heating.

Balance Changes:
-Campfire storage increased to 40 logs.
-Bumped up all resource delivery priorities for warren and campfire jobs.
-Breeding now occurs every three years instead of seasonally to help spread the influx of new goblins.
-Increased the number of years worth of storage that goblins put away in the warrens.
-Riot Catharsis is now an instantaneous condition instead of over time to force gobs to move away from the idea of rioting once a madness action like murder or fire is complete.
-Increased general mood for goblins starting a new village.

Bug Fixes:
-Major pathfinding problem solved so that finding out a goblin cannot reach a goal state no longer leaves them dumbly standing still.
-Fixed the geometry near the edges of the map so there is no more hidden navmesh behind the outer edges of the map. (was causing goblins to walk into walls indefinitely)
-Fix for when loading a winter save, so that resources that do not grow in winter, no longer display available resources.
-Normalised some of the Navmesh weighting to reduce the steering wobble when moving round close to some resources.(edited)
-Fix for a crash to do with Priests Healing during winter.
-Fix for the fight/flight response when goblins take damage from enemies.
-Changes to the building placement system to show previews with the available links between not yet complete buildings. Should fix up issues with strange/unlinked walkway placements.
-Fix for how incorrect missing food was being calculated for rioting.
-Fix for incorrect 'goblin condition' displayed in their UI after a story moment occurred.
-Updated our old setup for animations to use a state machine, hopefully fixing all issues round goblins stuck in an animation.
-Fix for directions on goblin moods sometimes not rotated correctly to display mood changes