Guide 907's Daybreak Through Hell Guide


Alamo Analytic
Jan 29, 2018
Minnesota, USA
Alright, there's Daybreak, the toughest horde mode we have seen yet, to some people.

I would deeply recommend playing the game with some buds or randoms first to get a sense of what you're going up against. Once you start unlocking weapons and stuff, you can start messing about what you prefer and this is my intake of it all.

Weapons of choice:
Wolverine: Early use for rounds to compensate for low ammo and a quick few second reload.
Deployable Mines: This gadget will deploy able 10-20 mines that will trigger once a zed is above or near it, they are scarce but does well with crowd control and defending the Techy Weaky B*tch
Bandage: Your ass heard me, save those for the Techy Weaky B*tch.
Medkits: You're gonna take some damage, use them when really low on health or suffered from trauma.
Snacks: Use for early rounds.
Stimulants: Use every few minutes to run around n' shoot, or whatever the hell you do.
CLEO Shotgun: Very great for crowd control, lacks reload speed, stopping power is okay.
RTX ARs/Rifles: use whatever you like.
General: As long as you can distinguish the best weapons and the worst, you can use the worst for early rounds and the best for late rounds.

Inventory management with the 3 boxes. you can organize by having a Weapons, Consumables, and Ammo box.

Glitching Daybreak: You can glitch Daybreak with 2-4 players, cannot do it solo. All you need to do is have the host stay in the game and have everyone select a class of weapons and or explosive and dump them in the chest, more importantly the ammo and explosives and leave the game, then join back to get a refreshed option to choose what you want, you can wash rinse and repeat once the chests are filled up because you dumped your ammo and explosives and rejoining with new sets of items while holding the old items in the boxes.

So there's two types of Hordes:
1-2 Player hordes. half the regular zeds
3-4 Player hordes. normal amount of zeds.

When you are close to ending a round at about 20 seconds, make sure the RT soldiers or your friends can handle the zeds while you dump your gear and run for the crates to maximize time if you need to.

I consider 3-4 players to be a hard difficulty and the 1-2 players as above average.

Wave 1 and 2: I use the wolverine and the 12 Guage Shells and start unloading on groups of zeds whilst maintaining high ammo count.
Wave 3 and 4: I would consider using as much 12 Guage shells as you can to wipe zeds fast and easy to prevent any damage on the barricades.
Waves 5 and 7: I'd switch to a gun you're really good with and start unloading on all the damn zeds. Use explosives and barricade anything in between rounds.

Movements: This is how one would traverse around the map.
1 Person: Time is limited especially for one person, stay in the center and shoot the zeds all around you, destroy any hordes of zeds that are close to destroying any barricades. dump everything out of your inventory and run around the map to collect as meany weapons and items, dump what you don't need and keep going, try to make it back at the 20 second mark and repair the barricades.
2 People: 1 person could take the left and the other take the right, when the round is in preparation, have one rebuild the barricades while the other loot, and when one is full, you both switch roles to finish up what needs finishing.
3 People: one middle, one left, one right. in prep phase, 2 run out to scavenge and one tidies the base.
4 People, two right, two left and possibly even move out through the grass by a yard or two. Preparation phase is simple enough.

Summary: It's a pretty basic concept but tough to pull off as zeds are difficult to predict. Use the weak guns in the early rounds, and save as many items as you can until round 4-7.

Shoot me a message or reply if you need help at all. It's a crappy quick guide I just made to help those who are looking for easy ways to get through.
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May 24, 2018
Do you mind if I put my thoughts after this post? I also built a quick and dirty map to visualize the action that I can post as well (it's pretty basic, but should get the job done).


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May 24, 2018
Let me know if you think this guide is junk or can be improved. This is what seems to work pretty good in the MP games I've played.

..Perimeter defense (3 people in the street engaging Zs)
....Responsibilities (in order of importance)
......1. Popping bloaters (this should mainly be the responsibility of Overwatch/shotgunner).
......2. Engaging Zs before they attack the walls.
......3. Collecting CLEO drops between waves.
..Wall defense (Overwatch (stands on top of ramp) or Shotgunner (stays on ground clearing zombies from the walls) roles)
....Responsibilities (in order of importance)
......1. Popping bloaters on both sides (7.62mm rifles are better long range).
......2. Keeping walls repaired (shotgunner should stay inside the wall and repair walls is a bit easier).
......3. Try to kill ferals outside the wall/Make sure they die if they get inside.
......4. Protecting the perimeter defense player on your primary side.
......5. Restocking supplies on the ground around the map.
......6. Organize the three chests (recommendations below)
........a. Chest 1 - CLEO and shotgun weapons/ammo
........b. Chest 2 - melee weapons, rifles, rifle ammo
........c. Chest 3 - sundries (stimulants, treats)

Everyone's responsibilities
..1. Avoid using fire explosives unless you're sure no players are in the blast radius (it's ok to set fuel bombs across the street where you think juggernauts will come…Overwatch can shoot them as necessary).
..2. Evenly space any remote detonation devices in the street close-ish to the walls. Try to save them for Wave 7. Pressing SHIFT-Q will detonate all remote detonation devices you've laid at once.
..3. Conserve ammo in waves 1, 2, and 3 as much as possible.
..4. CLEO Battle Rifles (mainly from CLEO drops) will be key at the end. Highly effective against juggernauts.

..1. A perimeter defense player needs to stay in the middle street area for optimal support from your Overwatch and especially a shotgunner support player.
..2. Perimeter defense players should try to stay on their side except in the case of dealing with juggernauts.


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May 24, 2018
Just an update...With a good team, you'll rarely have to fix the walls except maybe in wave 6 or 7. Not worth having a dedicated overwatch player or someone behind the walls...they can be just as effective on the street once they get used to switching between shooting and melee.

Good teams seem to consist of having two players on the street guarding on each side. It's ok for *one* person from the other side to help out, but never have zero players on one side.

People who cherry pick CLEO drops and leave useful crap ammo/items (feel free to drop the weapons on the ground...nobody uses them...right?). Personally, I drop all my crap on the ground on the side of the wall I guard when the CLEO drop phase starts so that I can bring stuff back to the chests fast. You risk someone nosing through your dropped shit (which is one reason I pick shotgun...nobody wants my shells), but it gets stuff back for the team faster.

People who spend WAAAAAY too long hovering on CLEO drops and the base chests. You need to think about what you need before you open the container and GTFO.

If you disagree, I'm interested in hearing why.


Alamo Analytic
Jan 29, 2018
Minnesota, USA
I tend to take the drops and drop them outside near the barricades and go back, making sure to leave the useless guns/melee behind as they can be taken later or left.

If you're with friends, it's easy to communicate as you will know who will need what and they will know what you need.